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Expats Express is the ground-breaking mobile app that connects you with tons of the employers in China. Looking to land a well-paid job in China? This app has you covered.

Double the chance of getting hired

Simplify and speed up the job search process
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Insider Jobs in China

ExpatsExpress provides you countless daily updated job vacancies in China. Get connected personally with the right people who make the hiring decision.

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Tailor-made For Expats

Our user-friendly interface makes sure that you can easily search for your dream job and quickens your interview process.

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Search for your dream job

Working in China promises a unique lifestyle and good opportunity to grow your career. The new ExpatsExpress app gives you the access to tons of job posts in the major cities of China such as Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and more!

Electronic CV on the go

Create and save your CV right in the app! With the user-friendly tool that allows you to apply for any jobs with your saved resume so you can save more time.

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In-app Messenger

Connect with your employers directly with the chat-like In-app Messenger. Follow up with them in every step until you get hired.

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  • Browse and get access to daily updated jobs vacancies all over China.

    You can search for jobs from the major cities in China like Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen and more.

  • Filter jobs according to your field of interest

    Which is based on cities, expected salary or job type.

  • Create your own account

    Fill up the Curriculum Vitae form and save your CV to be seen by employers.

  • Send and receive messages from employers through the chat system.

    Faster, more convenient and hassle-free.

  • Apply for jobs directly through Expats Express App.

    No need to go through job agents. Expats Express is completely free for our users.

Available on Android and iOS

Our app is running on both famous Android and iOS platform. If you happen to own an international version of Android phone and are already in China, you can download our APK file and install it directly with no compromise.

All Platforms

Idea behind Expats Express

Shanghai WaSa Information Technology Co., Ltd is founded to support foreigners living in China since 2013 with various services for the community. The Expats Express app was launched in 2015 and has been revamped completely to solely focus on the challenging job finding process for expats talents in China.

Meet Our CEO

Star YangCEO of Expats Express

Star Yang

CEO of Expats Express

Star Yang, a Chinese man living in Nanjing, has many expats friends since his tertiary days. He realise that most of them face the difficulty of finding a new job in China. Job postings for expats are scarce and scattered. This is despite the fact that many companies in China do want to hire expats – but also face the issue of not knowing how to reach out to the talent pool. He started to create the Expats Express app to help foreigners land their dream jobs and for the Chinese companies find their expatriate talents.

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